Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Man

I thought I would share some video of little man. He is really starting to enjoy the water. We hope that next summer her will be ready for swimming in a big pool.

Busy Summer

We have had such a busy summer. Lots of fun in the sun with the kids. They are growing so fast. Sister thinks she is as big as brother some days....and whines all day long the next day. (See pic of her "going" like brother on the tee-tee rock.)
We have our last family trip for the summer to west Texas. We are looking forward to the trip and should get some great pictures to share.
After Labor Day, Brother starts preschool 3 days a week. He is almost a big kid. (He says he is a little big kid.) When school starts we will get back into a routine. I am looking forward to the fall. Cooler weather and new things to share with little man and sister-girl.

Monday, August 11, 2008

California Trip

We just got back from our grown-up trip. It was a vacation for me, but work for Mike. We had a nice time. We missed the kids very much. I did not realize how much until this morning when I got to see them. I was supposed to work today, but I am not getting much done. Sister will not let me out of her sight. It's okay. I am glad they still like me. It's the little things I miss...It's nice to just sit on the floor and color. That truly is a Good Day!