Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seasons of Life

 There are times for blogging heartfelt thoughts and sharing the insanity that is my life. Then there are other times when I just can't blog because the words don't come and I am not ready to really share what we are experiencing. It helps to be preoccupied with the kids and the day to day tasks that fill up the space in between my thoughts.

So I am sharing my family with the world. My family. My blessing. Something I have and I treasure. I spent the weekend with my family. Mike kept the kids home so that the distractions weren't there and I enjoyed every off colored joke and story that make up the seasons of the Ellis family and my dad's far.

As I sat there soaking in those precious moments that will become lost and mixed in with the other joyful family memories I have I thought of Mary (Jesus' mom) and the verse that basically says she just soaked it all in. What a wonderful gift....time to soak it all in.  

....just soaking it all in.....This is my dad and the grandkids.

Aren't we blessed to have experienced so many seasons? Aren't we blessed to have so many to love?

Praising Him for who He Always is....
...soak it all in!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dribble it....Pass it...Put it in the basket!

Dribble it!

Put it in the basket.....

Two out of four cup checkers....which means we have a 50% chance of finding what we are looking for!

And he runs fast like his momma!

I can dribble with my eyes that!

Put it in the basket!

And dad is the best coach ever!

It was a fun day. First game down....7 more to go!
Blessings to all.
Praising Him for who he Always is!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making it into 2011

Well, we made it all the way to the end of the year. God blessed our family with another holiday with Daddy and GrandDad and I come into the new year very thankful for all that we have (and for who we still have). Now that the holidays are behind us, we prepare for the new year hopeful of all that is to come. And it is coming fast and furious!


Michael's first basketball game is Saturday.
Corey and Katie's wedding is in March.
Mike and I are thinking about running the Warrier Dash with Aunt Jo in March.
My garden will be beautiful because I am going to work so hard this Spring!
Michael will be playing Coach pitch baseball late Spring.
I will run my second Susan G. Komen Race of the Cure in May.

Our 10th wedding anniversary is in June.
Michael will be 7.
Katelynn will be 5.
Katelynn will be donating her hair to Locks of Love.
Katelynn's first day of Kindergarden is in 8 months (pray for Owens Elementary now).
Michael's first day of Second grade is in 8 months.

...And these are just the events that I know as of today. We are going to have a very eventful year. We pray that God will give us another year with Dad and Granddad, but are thankful we know where they are going and that they will be at peace and Whole!

New Year's resolutions? I have several. Most of them are focused on me being better...always improving. And I don't think I want to share....then there will be some sort of accountability....Okay, I guess I should share a few.

Pray More.
Practice patience more (Be frustrated less)
Cook more.
Run More.
Joy More.
Love More.

Happy New Year from the Lewis Family.
Blessings today and every other day during 2011.
Praising God for who He always is (and always will be).