Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laughed so hard my cheeks hurt!

Last night was GREAT! We had an uneventful night on the couch by the fire and I even got Mike to smile at the camera...Can you believe it? (Scroll to the bottom for proof.)

Katelynn was SO ready to see daddy when we got home.

Michael was a little upset that dad was winning a tickle/mooning contest.

Sister decided that to play with stickers and made us wear them on our nose. She is already practicing her accessorizing skills.

See....a big smile from Daddy!This is my favorite. I took so many pictures (about 15 of this pose alone) that Mike started to make funny remarks and tickling everyone! What a great night!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends Forever and Christmas Preparation

And sometimes they get along. On this particular day, they were playing together in Katelynn's room but they were being quiet. I was a little worried...."What has sister done to him? What has he done to her to keep her quiet?"

So it turns out they were reading. It was a sweet moment. I think they started fighting about 10 minutes later. Having a two year old is a bit challenging this week (and last week). She is a bit dramatic and thinks she runs the show.

Below are a few pictures I have taken over the last month. I promise...I am going to get better at this blogging thing.

Supergirl and Batboy. Well, how do you get ready for Santa Claus? The Lewis Family dresses as superheros for the day.

Pictures from Christmas morning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early morning at the River

My handsome husband worked VERY hard this summer to prepare a wonderful deer stand for our family. This thing is insulated and fully carpeted. There is enough room for the whole family (so big that he can actually lay down in it!) even though sister is probably not quite ready to sit still and wait. He moved it to the river bottom at mom and dad's with hope that he would have the opportunity to get a deer this year.

So, Mike spent several weekends in the deer stand waiting for his deer. If our family decided to change our diet so that it included squirrels, Mike would have been shooting every time he sat down there. He even say a coyote one time and we caught a few pigs. But the deer kept eluding him...(spelling - just ignore it if it is wrong). My brother put up game cameras that showed several deer feeding in the middle of the night. Then finally it happened..... On a warm December morning, he finally had his chance. We were all so happy for him.

Happy 2009.....two weeks late

This may be shocking to some of you but I feel like I really need to be honest. Okay, here goes. I am not the best blogger…Now that you have picked yourself off the floor I will try to make my first post of 2009 eloquent and read-worthy. (Yes, I like to make up words. They make me sound smart…because you just thought to yourself, is that a real word? Is she that smart? See, I am in your head now!)

I actually thought I would make an attempt at a New Year’s resolution. 2009 will be my “self year”. Now let me clarify.

This will be a year that I have more of the following:
Self-control, Self-esteem, Self-love, Self-reliance, Self-……anything else that is positive.

I decided, if I am not the best Self I can be, than I am not the best self that others need me to be. (My husband, my children, my work, my friends, my family)

So that's all I have. I am trying to get some pictures off my camera, but its not quite working right at this moment. I will post some of the kids later.

Below is a picture of Mike, Tanner, and Katie from our Christmas dinner.