Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dove Hunting

 It's opening weekend for Dove season and we headed down to Belton for a weekend full of shooting and playing. We picked the kids up from school early and drove straight to Zabcikville to hunt. Michael was ready to go the very first minute we arrived. Any and everything is cooler with daddy. (and guns).

Katelynn had fun with her BFF and the dove Michael brought back to the truck.

Isn't this the most handsome hunter you have ever seen?

Katelynn and her BFF Hailey.

Deep thought. Watching for birds.

Second night. Michael was ready to shoot his own birds.

Then he decided that he was to visible and hid in the reeds. *Then got mad because I took a picture - so don't tell him you saw this....he specifically told me not to blog about it or put it on facebook.

Finishing the hunt with sister-girl watching for birds too. We may have started something. The babies had so much fun playing and getting dirty.

Praising Him for a weekend of joy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


There are two women that walk along the road in Tyler. I have passed them several times over the past few months during my drive to mom's in the morning.

They seem to always been pulling or pushing something...and the second one ALWAYS has something under her shirt. I thought it was odd the first time I saw them. They always wear the same colored shirt. One follows the other over a big bridge. The first one has the cart an the second one stores her wares under her shirt.

No need to worry that her bra is in the way. It's obvious she hasn't worn one of those cumbersome things since Reagan was in the Whitehouse.

Yep, I enjoy watching the smugglers as they add to the local flavor of Tyler.

And that's my spoonful of joy for the day!!

Laughing and praising Him!

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