Friday, June 25, 2010


You know that's a real word. It's those tid-bits of brillance that come from the mouth of our babe....Katelynn. She is dramatic (like her daddy - right?!?) and beautiful (like her daddy) and makes us laugh so much that it makes up for her "toot-ness" (from her Toot-toot!). I realized that so much of my blogging lately has revolved around Michael and all his greatness. I thought it would be good to add some proud sister moments and let her shine a little on the world wide web.

Katelynn knows how to spell her name, kinda. K-A-T-E-L-M-N-O-P

Katelynn can count to 80. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-16-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-26-27-28-29-80

Katelynn wanted a "San-Wish".

On Monday, I went to get the kids from school at the end of the day - just like always. On the way down the stairs, Katelynn asked if I had something to drink in the car - just like always. I told her yes. She asked if I had something to eat. Of course, "I have a knuckle sandwich". No questions asked and we proceeded to the car.

Everyone is buckled in and we are ready to head home.
Katelynn: "Momma, where's your sandwich?"
Me: "Huh?"
Katelynn: "Momma, WHERE's YOUR SAN-WISH." (Already frustrated by the second request - not a good sign).
Me: Katelynn, I don't have any food in the car, but we will be home in a little bit and we can eat dinner. Katelynn: "Momma, WHERE IS YOUR SAN-WISH? I want to eat it."
Me: Katelynn, I don't have a san-wish.
Katelynn: "Yes you do" (hear the whine begin) "You said you had a san-wish in the car".
Me: No I didn't.
(At this point, Michael decides to step in and remind me of what I said in the daycare.)
Michael: "Momma, you said you have a knuckle sandwich"
Me: (giggling...which Katelynn did not appreciate) Oh, (as I raise my fist) I do have a knuckle sandwich. (hee hee hee)
Katelynn: (Whiney - loud - mad) I CAN'T EAT THAT!!!!! I want a real san-wish!
Me: (giggling more) Well, the only one I have is a knuckle sandwich. If you don't want that, I will make you a sandwich when we get home.
Katelynn: You said you have a san-wish in the car and I WANT IT NOW. (Who taught her this attitude?)
Me: Well, all I have is a knuckle sandwich. (Fist in the air again)
Katelynn: (whinier - madder - louder) I CAN'T EAT THAT!!!!! I want a real san-wish.

It went on like this for a few minutes so I called Grana to share (she could still hear Katelynn repeating her frustration as we laughed at her "sister-ism" of the day).

But, my favorite sister-ism right now is her expression of love. And although it is at inconvenient time (when I am in the bathroom, about 10 minutes after she should be asleep, when I am frustrated because she is being dramatic) it is enough to melt your heart. She will pucker those sticky fish lips and kiss whatever she can get to. Your hand, your face, your arm. She loves me, she really does love me.

About 6 months ago, if you had commented about her beauty, I would jokingly tell you it's a good thing since she is so mean. I am beginning to get past the frustration and appreciate this beautiful gift God has given me. I am thankful for a beautiful, strong-willed daughter. (Of course in about 9 years she may have to move in with Grana or Aunt Amber so we don't kill each other) - but for now, she is just small enough to let me hold her and love on her.

Hello Blog Followers (all 3 of you)...This is my beautiful daughter Katelynn.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi. My Name is Michael, swimmer!

Hello. We can swim. (We is Michael). We have had the honor of being taught by the best in Tyler. Her name is Ms. Laurie and we love her. We started swimming lessons last Monday. The lesson was about 40 minutes and all of it was spent screaming (mom and kids) and chasing children. (Thank you to Ms. Amanda for helping hunt down the big one...)

So we started out by screaming and crying. (Because obviously this specific pool was full of must of been. Just putting our feet in the pool HURT!!!) About half way through (after returning Katelynn to the pool AGAIN), Ms. Laurie suggested that I be G-O-N-E (spelled out) to the sun room so I could watch this spectacle without being seen and she could get the bad kids (my words not her's), a.k.a. Lewis kids, to pay attention.

About 5 minutes into my absence (told the kids I had to go to the bathroom) another mother came in. We noticed that Michael was starting to run from the lesson around the pool. Ms. Amanda was following patiently requesting Michael return to the lesson. And although this was entertaining, Ms. Laurie requested my return to get the bad kid (my words not her's), a.k.a. Michael, back to the pool. I did it (in my mad Wal-Mart mom voice and arm grab). I really apologized to Ms. Laurie for wasting her time. She promised that this was okay.  After 20 years of teaching, she was willing to stick it out with the Lewis kids and was confident we would make it through.

Whew, on to Tuesday. The "good" news is that Katelynn could not go to swimming lessons so it was just Michael. Only Bear was there, so it was was just the two of them. And we didn't cry. And we didn't run screaming from the pool. And wait, yep, I just checked. I brought the right kid from the day care to swimming lessons. FACE IN WATER and NO TEARS. Did I mention that Ms. Laurie was amazing?

Wednesday - rain. Thursday - rain. Nervous mother that all our progress had gone to waste. My garden loved the rain, but I was not sure about us "bouncing" back and being ready for swimming lessons again.

Friday - sunny day and swimming lessons. I picked them up from school and they both went potty. (This is the key to Friday). We get to Ms. Laurie's lessons. After the long drive there - 10 mintues - we have to potty again....and again....and again... So, sister went 6 times in 15 mintues.  I think she may have figured out a way out of the lesson. Humph....what to do. I had to ask myself - do I let her be that kid that potty's in a stranger's pool out of principle? -Well, chasing her to the bathroom and nearly falling on the concrete was my natural (mature) reaction to this. And yelling really made it all better..... *Proud mother moment*.

Michael picked back up (after a bit of reassurance from Ms. Laurie). Katelynn, well, she is really pretty. And a tan is better than knowing how to swim when you are 18, so she is just ahead of the curve. Tan now, swim later!

Reschedule for missed days - Monday and Tuesday this week. Michael figured out that goggles help. Likes them. Our awesome dad bought both kids goggles. Michael is pretty much swimming. The only threats were when Ms. Laurie wanted him to jump of the side. We are not really sure about this. I mean, she has not let us drown yet, but what if she was saving it for when we jump of the side. You never know and always have to be on your guard.... (that's the best I can come up with for why this is such a challenge).

Sister, sweet sister, is still hanging on to the bathroom excuse and using it to her advantage. But - being the awesome mom I am - I am not buying it today. No, you don't have to go potty multiple times in 10 minutes. I don't care if you are SCREAMING "I am going to poo-poo every where". Do it, I dare you!! *Proud mother moment*. We finished the day - no poo-poo. Michael doing even better and Katelynn alive.

Today. Yes Today - what a difference a day makes. Have I told you how awesome Ms. Laurie is? We have Little Man jumping off the side and swimming to the steps. Jumping off the deep end (by the diving board) and after Ms. Laurie catches and reassures - swimming to the ladder. My SON. Michael Lewis. Swimming. AWESOME! (Sister did not die this week from getting her face wet - we are making progress).

After Friday, I asked Ms. Laurie about additional lessons. For Michael she could see the benefit. For Katelynn she did not see the benefit. But, we love Ms. Laurie. (Michael's favorite teacher today).

Hi. My name is Tiffany. My son Michael can swim after 5 days with Ms. Laurie and Katelynn can get her face wet without a mental breakdown.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Frog

Michael had so much fun playing with the frog. We found it in the cattle trough when we started swimming. The frog was not excited about us invading his space......

Katelynn did not like it. Michael thought it was great. It was pretty fun to see how fast Katelynn could move to get out of the pool. Michael let it swim and jump on him. It was fun to watch.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're Back!!!

Worst blog ever....I will label it myself!

The below was typed while I waited for 3 pictures of the snow to upload. Several face book updates and iTunes purchases later, still no photos. I think my internet connection is too weak to accomplish what I intended tonight. So, use this as "teasers" for all the blogging to come. I am still trying with some of the current stuff at the very bottom. You should still be able to appreciate the creativeness and care I was TRYING to put into blogging this evening.......

Meet Michael Lewis.....Kindergarten graduate!

Yep it snowed. It was beautiful and cold.

Fred Lobster:

The best pasture race in East Texas. (Probably the only one.) Mike flipped the car. I missed it because I was watching Michael be a big boy in line at the port-o-potty...turned around and Mike's car is upside down....turned around and Michael is gone (thankfully IN the port-o-potty)....turned around and Mike was flipped back over......turned back around and bubbie was safe at my side. Whew....emotional!

A New Kitchen!:

And it is beautiful. All done by Mike (with a little assistance from his special helpers...) It is beautiful (have I said that already). Mike did a great job.

Visiting Granny:

We went down to Palacios to see Granny (Mike's Mom) during spring break. The kids did great and had a good time. It was a very nice visit. We even got to see Aunt Jo.

Easter Egg Hunting and Dying:

Sister didn't like the the dying part. We went up to the church to hunt eggs. (Yep I said church - we go now) After the easter egg hunt we stayed and had a picnic on the grounds by the lake. We had a wonderful visit with the Cooley family.

Sister's spring program:

Red is an apple, Red is a rose, Red is a stop sign and a funny clown nose. I know that's what she said because she is still repeating it. (I couldn't tell what they were saying while on stage). Ms. Ko-Ko is a great singer!!

Cubs T-ball:

Go Team. First time for baseball. Luckily, we were "drafted" by a guy from church so we knew several of the boys playing and even had friends for Katelynn during the games (little sisters). Michael had some good games. He slid almost everytime he crossed the plate. The rules are a little different than regular baseball (all boys bat each inning, but if you are thrown out you go back to the dugout) but perfect for our first year. Thanks to Coach Brad for being SO VERY PATIENT!!

Daddy's Birthday:

Happy Birthday to my love. I am so blessed. See, I am smiling just typing about him!

Michael's Frog:

This is only being blogged about because I got some great pictures. We found this in the cattle trough a.k.a. swimming pool. Both the kids were in the "pool" until sister saw the frog. She got out REAL quick. Michael played with him until I convinced him that he could not keep him. Katelynn was glad when he hopped off so she could get back in.

Kindergarten Graduation:

Yep. We made it. All the way through Kindergarten. He can read! And spell. It is amazing. Thank you to Mrs. Gazette.


Nine fabulous years. Utterly speechless. Blessed beyond measure.

Lake Day:

Now caught up. This is from this Sunday. Our family spent the morning on the boat. The boys rode the tube and we had fun swimming.

Swimming Lessons:

Day one: Ms. Laurie asked me to be G-O-N-E so maybe the kids would stop screaming and participate in the lesson. Five minutes later she needed me to chase down Michael and get him back to the pool. Thank you to Ms. Amanda for helping drag both back to the pool. Lots of apologies to Ms. Laurie as we left with her reassurance that we would be okay.

Day two: Sister not able to make it. (She has a sore again and the doctor advised that she not swim.....if she wasn't 3 I would think she paid the doctor to say convenient!!) So, it's just Michael. Lots of pep talking on the way. Head goes under. No crying. (WHAT?!?) Face in the water for a count to 5. (WHAT?!?) "Mom, watch me go under." (WHAT?!?) Who is this kid and do I have to give him back? He was so very proud of him self. It even lasted until bath time.

Now, if you have ever been around my children during bath time or splash play in the back yard, you know that we have to have a towel handy to get the water off. Not no more. Not today. Not even at bath time. (WHAT?!?)

Michael was so pumped he had to take a deep bath so he could show his daddy how good he could do it. (Never seen his daddy so proud!)