Friday, May 15, 2009

Sand and Sun....oh what fun!

My wonderful super handsome husband took our family to Houston and Galveston over the last several days. It was wonderful and refreshing. Of course I forgot my camera today. Once I get myself in gear, I will post some of the great pictures taken and provide more details of how great this trip was.
On Monday, I start a new job with the hospital. I am a little nervous about the change and ready for this new step. I think... I am just very glad that Mike took our family for this little retreat to prepare for this next phase in our life.
Until later.....get ready for the pictures...they are pretty good!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dancin' Machine

This makes me laugh.

My super talented son. In case you can't here it, Brass Monkey is playing the background. I have a new camera and lots of pictures...but I have not taken the time to do much with it. I did not want to go another week without blogging something....

I hope this brings a smile to your face. Video-ed by Dad.....his comment.....he has mad phat dancin' skills like his momma.....makes me proud! ENJOY!