Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's me, It's me

I got inspiration from my dear friend and decided to post a picture of me and sister to show that the blog creator is not just a "ghost writer". More to blog, but so very tired. That and my kindergarterner is begging, begging, begging, for "just one more snack". He only had "1, not 2, or 3, or 4". He just needs one more. "Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more, Just need one more (sister interruptions) I just need one more, one more, I just need one more momma, I just need one more, I just need one more. I just need one more, I just need one more, i just need one more. Why are you laughing? Why are you copying me? Momma, why are you copying me on there? Momma, why are you copying me on there? Momma, why are you copying me on there? momma....I just need one more. I just need one more. "

SERIOUSLY!!! He repeated it that many times. I was laughing so hard that Mike had to come see what the heck I was doing it. (He thinks I am losing it....I am not convinced I am not.)

Good thing he is pretty like his daddy! (Look at those eyes!)

Kindergarten here we are!

Monday morning, August 24, 2009, and he is now an official big kid. No longer my baby. I even took a grown-up step outside of my comfort zone and we on TAX FREE WEEKEND to buy him some very cool shoes that were NOT ON SALE. Amazing. It's almost like I am now an official big girl!

Official First Day of School picture at the house on the front steps.

The whole family went together to Michael's new school.

Office First Day of School picture in front of his school.

He put his big kid back-pack (Harley, of course) on his hook.

Found his apple that showed us where he will sit.

Started coloring....and was ready to start his day.

And in case you were wondering, I did cry...a little bit. On the down the hallway leaving Michael's classroom, daddy and sister walked in front. I took that time to get it together. (I even thought ahead and wore waterproof mascara...just in case.)

By the end of the Kindergarten hallway, composure was back and I was a proud mother of a kindergarterner. Whew!

Mohawk no more!



The Hokey Pokey?

Yeah, that's what we think it is...you will have to decide for yourself!

And since it is Katelynn's absolute favorite song right now, she is singing it ALL THE TIME. During one recent "concert" at the Lewis house, Katelynn added some new moves.

To get the real effect, I took "stills" of the "concert".

The lead singer for the Lewis concert is the one, the only....Michael Lewis. During the last concert he had an acoustic set, a rock ballad, and bowed after the performance.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sister is a Rock Star

I am an equal opportunity blogger, but something just happened to the computer and I lost the really creative post regarding sister....and now I have maxed out my computer time and will not be able to post another good one before another fight. (and I was doing so good).

Our resident rock star, a.k.a. Sister, loves the song "So What" by Pink. Her rendition goes like this, "Sho what, I'm a wok staw, I got my wok moos, an i no knee you." She got a barbie guitar today during our school shopping trip (see below). I have been home about an hour and have already decided this is going to Grana's house (I love you mom!).

Looks a lot like Janis Joplin. They speak the same language at least. We have a few standing rules at the house....no thumb-sucking in the living room (this one is new...and I don't think it will last), keep your hands out of your pants at all times (stop laughing, it is a real rule) and no hair brushing on the weekends (which explains our "rock-star" look).

Kindergarten here we come!

Michael starts school in two weeks. I was going to be pro-active and school shop before the weekend before school. Early, easy, done. HA!! The picture above if our school supply list. We had to go online to find it because they did not have a copy for Michael's school at Wal-Mart when we went yesterday. I assumed (or maybe hoped) that mean't we didn't need any supplies to start school. Once again...HA! (I am so naive).

Once we got Katelynn down enough for us to sneak out of the house, off we went to school shop. We tried Ross first. Found a cool pair of hiking boots and a couple shirts. Decided to go to marshall’s. Found a new toy, got sister one too. Oh, and a shirt. So, we really struck out at the cool places and decided to try Wal-Mart. We have to get the actual school supplies anyway, so why not.

Yeah, seems like everyone follows me to Wal-Mart. (It is very rude.) I felt like I was on some kind of super specific scavenger hunt. The supplies Wal-Mart has marked down to pennies each….are not on our list.
Well, we have glue on the list, but not the SIZE Wal-Mart has out and cheap.
We have pencils on the list and it is actually the right brand, but we need 12 not 10, so we bought two packages.
Crayola Markers….surely this will be easy….nope. Can’t find the washable.
Okay, crayons are next. Four boxes of 16 ct. We found one box, need 3 more.
Spiral notebooks, need four specific colors in wide rule….and so does everyone else in the state of Texas.

Moving on to the other items on the list. Hand sanitizer….don’t have 8 oz, have to buy the 12 oz. Gallon size baggies….don’t have the 25 ct, have to buy the 40 ct.

Half-way thru the Wal-Mart portion of the afternoon, Michael took my list and decided he would write and draw (see illustration below). Then asked the question of the day…
”Mom, how do you spell bored?” Ain’t life grand.
This is a picture of me and Michael on our very first school supply shopping trip.

This is too many bubbles in the bath. (not school supply related, but I HAD to share!)