Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Patience is a virtue...

...At least that's what I have been told my whole life. I would have to say that even as a grown up my patience "wears thin" more quickly than I would like. His patience well is deep. (With the kids AND me). I have a lot to learn from him. Maybe is because he is older and wiser....He has all of them....Love, Joy (especially if you count laughter at the comedic styles of "Sister and Little Man"), Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control. I am good at watching him be such a wonderful daddy. I am blessed.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Best sound in the world

Their laugh. Does not matter how big a toot they may have been in the last 5 minutes or how much they have whined......when he or she makes my heart smile. I am so blessed to have so much joy in my life. Their daddy makes them laugh the best and those are my favorite moments of the day. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Before you know it...

He will be four and she will be two in a few weeks. That is not even close to the number of stretch marks left during their stay at the mo(m)tel. Or the number of laugh lines that have magically appeared on my face over the last four years. BUT, oh my, the joy that I receive each day from these two is beyond measure. How can something really agitate you and make you so happy in the same moment? How can it be that he, the second love of my life, is almost four? The third love of my life is challenging and will bring about more grays than the other.

He is clever. She is funny. He corrects my speech when I say the wrong word. She bites me when she does not get her way. He introdues himself by shakeing hands and sharing his first and last name. She smiles and looks sweet, but growls when someone comments on how pretty she is. He is his father made over. Handsome and caring. She is her mother made over. Ghetto booty and selfish. (hopefully it is just a stage....the selfishness....I think she is stuck with the ghetto booty).

Before you know it, they have grown to two beautiful children and I just adore them. I am blessed.

Rainy Day Thoughts

Today is Tuesday. No kids today so I thought I would take time to start a blog. Isn't everyone blogging? Doesn't society need one more random person's input? Since I am socially behind, maybe this will be my huge step in becoming as cool as I am in my dreams. Do you have those thoughts? Like trying to compare yourself to the people you see on tv. Why is it that I am always like the chic on the Lifetime movie, not the main character on a new prime time Thursday night show? Doesn't anyone in Hollywood realize that they are setting us up for disappointment when they have so many fashion forward, socially advanced, thin, beautiful people on TV. OR is this why "reality" tv has become so popular? I have decided that I do not want to watch "reality" shows for two reasons......(1) the man that controls my remote (my husband) choses not to watch these, and (2) I know what real life is like.....would I want to watch wonder Hollywood does not write show that have real people....See, blogging does help. I just realized what all of Hollywood MUST know. Real life is not attractive. Especially when you live in East Texas. I mean, we do have a mall and a TGI Friday's. How much more excitement do you need?