Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That "First Day of School" Shot

We made it... We did it.. We survived the summer without killing each other. Or getting sunburned.
Mike got up at 4:30 and found Michael on the couch watching TV. He said no one else was up so he thought he'd watch TV. Of course, it's 4 am. That's logical!

So we started the day fresh and ready to go. (Not. Tired. At. All.)
And I took 13 pictures on the front porch. Our "place" for first day of school pictures.
And this is what we got....(I'm including the running conversation so you can appreciate my photography and parenting excellence)
...The first thing to note, no shoes on Michael...
 Second, no smile.... Here's where I started in...
 Me: Michael we will have these pictures the rest of your life and I really want you to have a smile on your face. Please smile for one picture.
 (See Michael's fake smile?)
 Me: Katelynn, you have to look at me when I'm taking pictures.
 Me: Katelynn, please stand still so I can get a good picture.
 Me: Katelynn, you have to stand still.
 Me: Stop. Moving.
 Me: Katelynn, Please look at the camera and stop moving.
 Me: Sister, you have got to look at me AND stop moving. Please I just want one picture. Please.
 Me: Okay let me get a full body one. (Since the close ups were SO GOOD).
 Me: Please stop moving. (See the back pack swinging?)
 (See, it's still swinging...)
(Still swinging.....)

Me: Katelynn, you are seven years old. You can stand still and look at the camera for ONE GOOD PICTURE.

And then she ran in the house crying.

It's going to be a good year. It may not be documented photographically, but it's gonna be good.

Joyfully full of it!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Loving on me

My family has "acts of service" the heck out of me this week. Just when I needed some love.

Free car wash! And after I dried it, it was lovely and clean...

But before this, my handsome husband acts of serviced this for me....

BAM! A deck to sit on and hang. He even strung Christmas lights in the tree so it's lit up.

So, in the midst of my temper tantrum because of my children's less than acceptable behavior, I was still so very much loved.

How have you felt or seen love this week? Soak up the hugs and kisses and clean cars you can. (And remember them when the sarcasm is spoken freely)

Joyfully full today....whew!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bursting the Summer Bubble

It's almost over. The days of sleeping and hanging at Grana's all day will soon be just a part of those summer memories.

Soon we will have to do something about that hair!!!

And this hair too.

Hippie hair's departure marks the end of summer. But for the next week we will be cramming in a lot of this....

And this.

And this too.

Joyfully full of it for 7 more days!!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

This Face...


When sister's away, mom and bub will play. (And watch TV) He's not silly with me very often, but it is so fun when he is.



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

River Rats

We spent a week at Yeager's River Bend campground. It was a week of swimming, floating, swinging, and hanging.... perfect summer getaway.
Michael was the rope swing champ of the family.

Michael and dad....
Sister's rope swinging expertise...obviously.
Posing for mom. No one else was at the river. It was delightful!
We went into town twice and did laundry. (And came home with only one load of dirty clothes! My husband is a genius!)
Do you remember that scene from Friends when Rachel learns to stand up for herself at the laundry mat? Michael DID NOT appreciate my delight in his decision to sit in the little rolly thing!
It's not vacation without a little golf. This was at Garner State Park. We spent the whole day swimming and rope swinging. At the end of the day, on the way back to the camp ground we played a round of putt putt.

I have no words... At least he was smiling.

And posing...
Look at this handsome man!
Katelynn was DONE... and having the sign right in her face for THE photo opportunity of the day was NOT helping.
So we tried a different pose. And then walked to the gift shop and snack bar for some ice cream.
Me and Mike

There is dancing every night at the Garner State Park building. Mike remembers going when he was a kid and was at the river with his family. He told Michael he would have to ask a girl to dance if we went. (We did not go. Whew, avoided that for another year).
There was a family with teenagers that was hanging out on the dance floor. The parents would break into a two-step when they liked the song. We just looked on and ate our ice cream.

There are a series of about 20 pictures I took of this singing and dancing queen.
Here's our shelter where we stayed. By the middle of the night, it was cool enough that all of us had to cover with something. Who would have guessed that the last week of July would greet us with cool weather on the Frio? 

My SIL. She joined us for the week.
Look how beautiful. Makes me think of my sister and her boys.
Lunch in Leakey, TX

It was just wonderful. You must take a trip to the Frio river with the family. We have decided that we will be going back every year. This will be our family's "Trip" each year.

I was hesitant when Mike started talking about camping...in a shelter....in July. But since we have never camped before, I really didn't have any expectations. Even if I did... this would have surpassed what I could have imagined. (and next time we are bringing a fridge).

Joyfully full and blessed!