Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That "First Day of School" Shot

We made it... We did it.. We survived the summer without killing each other. Or getting sunburned.
Mike got up at 4:30 and found Michael on the couch watching TV. He said no one else was up so he thought he'd watch TV. Of course, it's 4 am. That's logical!

So we started the day fresh and ready to go. (Not. Tired. At. All.)
And I took 13 pictures on the front porch. Our "place" for first day of school pictures.
And this is what we got....(I'm including the running conversation so you can appreciate my photography and parenting excellence)
...The first thing to note, no shoes on Michael...
 Second, no smile.... Here's where I started in...
 Me: Michael we will have these pictures the rest of your life and I really want you to have a smile on your face. Please smile for one picture.
 (See Michael's fake smile?)
 Me: Katelynn, you have to look at me when I'm taking pictures.
 Me: Katelynn, please stand still so I can get a good picture.
 Me: Katelynn, you have to stand still.
 Me: Stop. Moving.
 Me: Katelynn, Please look at the camera and stop moving.
 Me: Sister, you have got to look at me AND stop moving. Please I just want one picture. Please.
 Me: Okay let me get a full body one. (Since the close ups were SO GOOD).
 Me: Please stop moving. (See the back pack swinging?)
 (See, it's still swinging...)
(Still swinging.....)

Me: Katelynn, you are seven years old. You can stand still and look at the camera for ONE GOOD PICTURE.

And then she ran in the house crying.

It's going to be a good year. It may not be documented photographically, but it's gonna be good.

Joyfully full of it!


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