Monday, February 23, 2009

Toot-Toot’s Update

We had a pretty nice weekend. The kids and I worked in the garden and planted lettuce, potatoes, and sugar snap peas.

We visited toot-toot and hung out with daddy. Not much to tell, but I did get some pretty good pictures of Mom, dad, and the kiddos. Hope you enjoy.

Katelynn has learned how to work the "robot bed".

Dad still likes to be on the phone. I think he is the only person in therapy that wears his phone on his collar. The stroke has had a little effect on dad's phone if he calls you and just hangs up, he didn't have anything else to say. I do want to note that he has already improved in this area. The first day he called me and hung up I freaked out and drove up to the hospital. Now he will hand the phone to mom or say bye as he closes it.

Daddy is the best speed reader ever. (Not from this weekend, but I wanted to share the picture.)
Have a great week!!! Hugs to your family!!!

The 2 sides of Sister

This really is her. Sweet, sleeping, so cute you could just cuddle....when she is sleeping. Since I boast so loudly of her toot-ness, I thought I would post a sweet and a funny sister moments.

Papa Joe loves to give Michael and Katelynn singing toys. The very first one was a singing chicken that sang “Mony…Mony”. Sister found it and could not control herself….she had to move. I am usually not very good about capturing these moments…but I could not miss this one. So below is Katelynn’s rendition of “Here he comes now, he’s the Easter bunny…”. Take note that once she sees me with the camera, she grabs her chicken and stops dancing. Turns out she is a private dancer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Recovery…Basketball…TV…Trains? (see last paragraph)

….these are a few of my favorite things. Recovery of a right-sided stroke can take up to a year. Every day we are seeing improvement and are encouraged by dad’s desire to get better. We have to watch him because he wants to do things on his own so badly, but is just not strong enough yet. He is getting there. Basketball shoot-outs in room 139 are a daily occurrence. Dad got a basketball goal that we set up across his room. Michael is having fun “winning the championships” every day when we visit. Dad is getting good at hitting the nurses. TV is much better when it is attached to a mechanical arm and can be moved to accommodate your position. Michael still loves this feature of dad’s room. He has also become quite the expert at maneuvering Toot Toot’s “robot” bed. Katelynn has even warmed up to this new environment and went for a “ride” on the bed.

According to what I have read, recovery for a right-brained stroke takes from 3 months to a year. Three months is the minimal amount of time for recovery. It is possible to recover lost functions/memories/abilities within this time with intense and correct therapy. The fact that the family feels there is some improvement already is very encouraging.

I am trying to learn what I need to know for dad’s recovery. My struggle (because this really is all about me…HA) is relating to the therapists and understanding their process (or lack there of, in my opinion). Dad has three different kinds of therapists working with him every day. Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Physical Therapy. These three work together to give dad a better all-encompassing rehab process. They overlap and are all necessary in order to restore normalcy in dad’s life. I will blog later regarding their specific functions (Amber...this helped me understand more).

For now, Corey and I are working to keep the business going and all the drivers have stepped up to pull their weight and then some. Each day begins anew…we are facing the challenges head on.

The light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming BUT what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…we have faced so much in the last two weeks that I know I am stronger that the train. BRING IT ON!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Dad

On January 31 at 11:45 pm, my dad had a massive stroke. Mom and Corey called 911 and got him to the hospital in record time. They were able to do two treatments that busted the clot but there was some residual damage due to the lack of oxygen to a small part of his brain.

So at 9 am Sunday morning, the family was told to get to the hospital and get Amber and her family in to say our last goodbyes.....silly doctors don't know my God and the power of prayer. Needless to say...they were wrong (thank you God) and my dad is making progress each day. He stayed at the hospital until Friday, then was moved to a rehab facility to begin therapy. Saturday morning dad was sitting up in a wheel chair (first time sitting in a week) and Sunday he was able to sit up a little by himself. In fact, I went to see him Sunday morning around 9:30 and he had moved himself around the corner to the windows. We went outside and enjoyed the sun a little before his morning therapy began.

Dad started his occupational, speech, and physical therapy on Monday and was TIRED. BUT, three therapists helped him and had him standing for a short period of time. Good dizziness.

We have a meeting this afternoon with all of dad's therapists to discuss the prognosis, progress made over the last two days, and anything else we want/need to know. He will be in this facility for about two months (according to his pissy Case Manager - we need to pray for her attitude) but we are praying that dad continues to fight and make improvement each day. Mom's goal is to have him out of the hospital by their anniversary, April 16.

Anyway, that's what has been happening around here. Corey and I are trying to keep the business going and keep from losing our minds. Dang, daddy sure did keep this all together. I hope we can do half as good a job as him.

Michael thinks dad's room is the coolest because the TV is right in front of the bed. AND toot-toot's bed has a work out ring. (Hanging above the bed so he can pull himself up.) Katelynn has not quite figured out what is going on.