Sunday, April 17, 2011


We spent the weekend in Houston with the Lewis family...all of them. It was wonderful. We got together to celebrate Papa Joe's birthday and have a great time meeting family and sharing stories all afternoon. Even though it was a quick trip, the kids did great. We had a yard for football and egg smashing with swings, a jungle gym and a slide.


Michael learned how to jump out of the swing.

Kayelynn learned to stand in the swing.

Sweet boy!


Michael smashed a confetti egg on Aunt Alicia's head.

Katelynn gingerly egged Aunt Jo.

Papa Joe and Mike.

Papa Joe and Aunt Jo.

It was such a beautiful day. Thanks to Grammy for all her hard work getting it all organized. It was just wonderful. I think I said that earlier but it is definitely worth repeating. We don't get to see this side of the family very fact, I met Mike's cousins for the first time.

So let me just say...great day!
Praising Him for family and for blessings every day!


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Glory

I am posting pictures of our garden and the other plants we have at the house for inspiration....any just maybe it will help Lisa remember to water.  ;)

Cilantro.....I like lots of it.

One of two strawberry plants. The other one has a toad living in the pot, so it isn't producing much fruit.

Tomatillo Plant. This one was three times this size but blew over, so we could only salvage one part of it.

I just think these are pretty. The sticks are a plant that was given to us by the Wiggins when Katelynn was born. It's not dead....I promise.

Marigolds and a Snap pea.

Pretty flowers

Chives, lettuce, Basil and a bell pepper plant.

This hairy monstor is a spinach experiment...there is also a tomatoe plant growing in the midst of it all. I probably need to thin it out soon.

Squash...very happy squash. There are also marigolds in the pot and a tomatoe plant.

See how happy the squash is.

The actual garden.

Broccoli, onions, 2 carrots, jalapenos, etc.

potatoes and more onions....see, I told you I need to weed.


So there you have it. My hobby for the spring. Do you feel inspired? If so, come on over....we could weed!

Blessings from my peaceful place!
Praising Him for His creation!

Katelynn's View

Sister likes to take pictures. Lots of them! These are just the ones I didn't delete. You can totally tell I keep her occupied with my phone. It's like a high-tech baby- sitter! (hands on parenting!). ;)

ones I didn't delete!

She is such a toot. Do you think she wanted that bracelet kit at the store? I deleted about 10 pictures of stuff from inside the cart at wal-mart! Like I said... Hands on parenting!

Happy Thursday!
Praising Him for the beautiful daughter he gave me!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomatoes and Fresh Stuff

Yep, I got tomatoes. This is my favorite fruit from the garden. It reminds me if visiting Uncle Bert and chiggers. He always had a huge garden, fresh tomatoes in the windowsill, and chiggers that came home with you.

It's officially my favorite time of the year. I love fresh fruit and veggies. So much so that I am copying my friend Elicia and supporting a local farm.

Comeback Creek is in Pittsburg and our first drop is next week. I am so excited about supporting a local farm, getting fresh produce, and trying new stuff!

Happy Tuesday! I find my joy in my yard! (that's where the kids play and where you can find me in the garden). Mike has made it so beautiful it is like a park!

Blessings for the day!
Praising Him for His amazing creation!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Garden

Year 10. That's right I have been trying to garden for 10 years. It all started as one row on the top of the retaining wall behind our first apartment. It has grown to containers and a part of the front yard. I absolutely love my the Spring. At the beginning....before the pests and weeds.

I tilled and worked the soil this winter. I am determined to have more in the garden that we could possibly eat. I already have weeds....

Here's what has been planted in the containers in the back and front of the house:

Cilantro (lots of it)
Green Bell Pepper
Romaine lettuce
Snap peas

The tomatillo and squash are very happy. And beautiful. I just hope we get some fruit from them.

Here's what is planted in the garden out front.

Carrots (2 of them have made it so far)
Potatoes (2 plants made it)
Cilantro (yes, more of it)
Snap Peas
Swiss Chard (it's pretty, but I have no idea what to do with it)
Green beans

Our wine vine and blackberry vine made it through the winter and are looking very happy.

I thought I had taken some pictures of our progress, but I could only find one. I will take some this week to show you why my house is dirty....out gardening.

This birdhouse was moved from the porch last year  because bumble bees decided to live in it. This year we have a new neighbor.
This tulip magnolia makes us nervous every year....but she just keeps coming back. We planted this the year Katelynn was born. It is in the from by the garden.

AND we started a compost pile this year on the other side of the garden. It is great....I have no idea what I am doing! And we have a friend that lives about 12 inches from the front of it....I covered it up today and hope it decides to move!

Praising Him for who He always is.


Saturday Night Fun

The Lewis Family has been rocking out to the gourds lately and our favorite song is Cracklin'. Below are some pictures to enjoy.

I am blessed with beautiful kids and a fantabulous husband!

Still praising (with a little dancing)!


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Lesson for the day

I learned two things today.

1. $2.00 worth of grapefruit is not equal to $2.00 worth of oranges when squeezed.

2. The $3-4 I pay for Simply Grapefruit or Simply Orange juice is totally worth it!

But it was fun for Katelynn and that's worth it all!

Happy Sunday! Praising Him for who He always is!

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