Sunday, April 17, 2011


We spent the weekend in Houston with the Lewis family...all of them. It was wonderful. We got together to celebrate Papa Joe's birthday and have a great time meeting family and sharing stories all afternoon. Even though it was a quick trip, the kids did great. We had a yard for football and egg smashing with swings, a jungle gym and a slide.


Michael learned how to jump out of the swing.

Kayelynn learned to stand in the swing.

Sweet boy!


Michael smashed a confetti egg on Aunt Alicia's head.

Katelynn gingerly egged Aunt Jo.

Papa Joe and Mike.

Papa Joe and Aunt Jo.

It was such a beautiful day. Thanks to Grammy for all her hard work getting it all organized. It was just wonderful. I think I said that earlier but it is definitely worth repeating. We don't get to see this side of the family very fact, I met Mike's cousins for the first time.

So let me just say...great day!
Praising Him for family and for blessings every day!


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  1. Jumping out of the swing! Brave boy! Sister does know she can't jump from a standing position doesn't she? She'll try! It makes me smile to see you all having so much fun. Well worth the trip!