Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh my beautiful children



The Great Pumpkin

Happy Halloween! The Lewis family took of the huge task of carving a pumpkin this year. I say “Huge task” because it is a yucky undertaking. I thought this year it would be fine, since Michael was old enough to clean out the gooey-ness from inside the pumpkin…but as you can see. He did not exactly enjoy the job. So, I ended up finishing up the job. Sister tried to help…”Mommy, my do?” But she was not getting all of the slimy, stringy goop stuff.

The next night Mike and the kids drew and colored the pattern on the pumpkin and cut it out. Michael posed for me several times. Most of the pictures have half of Katelynn’s head in them. (She was really busy sweeping the small porch we were on, so we were in her way a lot.)

Michael enjoyed this process MUCH better.

Katelynn was upset because daddy would not give her the big knife to cut the pumpkin. NO FAIR. This is the result of her daddy telling her no. (This is a new trick – isn’t it fun?)

Once she calmed down, I was able to get her to pose briefly by the jack-0-lantern….”CHEESE” with stuff in our mouth.

On Sunday, we took the kids to a fall festival at a church close to the house. Of course it was the hottest day in October so we were all sweaty and were not able to really enjoy all of the games. Michael was Batman including a mask and sister went as “Spider-girl”. Sister and daddy tried to stay in the shade. We were there for an hour. Michael played several games and got candy. We also bought some cotton candy and watched the fluff grow in the bowl and wrap around the stick. Another wonderful weekend...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fishing Adventure at Our Pond

The Pond: If you have not seen it, it is past time for you to visit the Lewis house. Mike dug a pond on the back corner of our property and it is great. On Sunday, during half-time of the Cowboy game, Little Man wanted to go "fishing". I put this in quotes because Mike and I did not think it would be a successful adventure. First we had to find worms. Mike dug in the usual spots and finally found a few worms to take to the pond.

So, all four of us headed down to the pond. Michael took his spiderman fishing pole. Sister and Michael rode the gator down. We had not been there ten minutes when Michael had the first bite......he tugged (with dad's assistance) and hooked his first FISH. When Mike dug the pond, he dropped some bait perch in it last spring. And that's what Michael caught.

He tried it again. This time there was a lot of movement on the cork, but the little fish (what Michael's calls "Bait stealers") took the worm.

(This video is of Michael describing the "bait stealers")

Mike put another worm on the hook and cast the line for Michael. And he caught another.....all together Michael caught about 4-5 pretty good size that were about 3 or 4 inches long. He also managed to catch one that was 2 inches.

It was a fun time. The event has made Mike want to expand the pond. He bought a fountain for it and has it on when we are not fishing. It is loud enough that you can hear it from the back porch and the basketball court. It is so very peaceful. Just one more wonderful addition Mike has made to our home.

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Do I really need to explain? Michael was having a very important "meeting" and needed my assistance on a major "decision". I had my legs propped up because sister thinks she needs to be a part of the "action". (She even brought her juice and case the meeting ran long.) She decided to climb on top and Grana had to capture the "event". And to be honest....these are the good times!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Weekend

What a wonderful, uneventful weekend! I usually just sit around and watch the kids play with dad. I decided that I should take some pictures of our every day life.

When Michael was a baby (like a few days old) I took a picture of Mike and Michael on the hammock. I took this picture to show how much he has grown. (And you will see below that he thinks he is almost as big as dad).

Sister was especially whiney this weekend. I figured out why on Monday - fever and vomitting. (We are better now.) It was very clear that she will be our water baby. We were all outside playing in the shop. Mike was watering the back yard and cooking some sausage he made. (it was great)

Sister ran outside and came back in wet. The kids decided they wanted to put on their swimsuits and play basketball. (? - I don't know - I can't follow the logic.)

Overall we had a good weekend. We built a "tent" in Michael's bed with my old Raggedy Ann sheet. We bought a new movie called The Reef (nemo knock-off) that Michael has worn out.

We had our very own "boxing" match on the back porch. Good Times! Watch to the end to see Sister's participation!