Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Glory

I am posting pictures of our garden and the other plants we have at the house for inspiration....any just maybe it will help Lisa remember to water.  ;)

Cilantro.....I like lots of it.

One of two strawberry plants. The other one has a toad living in the pot, so it isn't producing much fruit.

Tomatillo Plant. This one was three times this size but blew over, so we could only salvage one part of it.

I just think these are pretty. The sticks are a plant that was given to us by the Wiggins when Katelynn was born. It's not dead....I promise.

Marigolds and a Snap pea.

Pretty flowers

Chives, lettuce, Basil and a bell pepper plant.

This hairy monstor is a spinach experiment...there is also a tomatoe plant growing in the midst of it all. I probably need to thin it out soon.

Squash...very happy squash. There are also marigolds in the pot and a tomatoe plant.

See how happy the squash is.

The actual garden.

Broccoli, onions, 2 carrots, jalapenos, etc.

potatoes and more onions....see, I told you I need to weed.


So there you have it. My hobby for the spring. Do you feel inspired? If so, come on over....we could weed!

Blessings from my peaceful place!
Praising Him for His creation!

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  1. Your Peaceful place is working! you seem very peaceful!