Thursday, August 8, 2013

Admitting Defeat

I started the summer just like I did last summer...with high and mighty plans of education and structure.

Does that make you laugh? Well, it should.

And now that we are in August and the home stretch toward forced structure and education, I've letting go and admitting defeat.

There will be no more rules of the road that include reading or workbook pages.

No, we won't sit and read a book instead of watching TV.

No, we won't play outside until lunch.

No, we won't gain any ground in our reading, writing, or arithmatic skills. (I'm leaving the misspelling of arithmatic to prove my point, and because I have no idea how to spell that fancy math word).

We will embrace the genetic tendencies to sit and watch TV all day. (Like thigh biscuits, the Ellis side of the family is notorious for TV watching expertise).

We will spend our time in the car playing our DS's. (Instead of fighting...please dear Lord).

She has a new game that is taking care of a puppy. Never mind that our kittens were out of food and water this morning..... Her virtual dog is well fed and walked.

He is playing another Lego game. It's the same one we have on the wii but I get to watch TV while he plays this one. My parenting excellence know no bounds.

And we will spend afternoons at the mall. (Do you hear the "How I met your mother" song "Let's go to the mall, today?" Because the Tyler mall has the best invention ever...the bouncy things. And my children love them.

The athletic ability of my family should impress you. Look how high she is...almost 9 feet.

He is just a little higher. And he wasn't giggling as much as her, which may account for his height.
Actually, we won't be going back to the mall unless it is to jump. Because let's be honest, I'm not 16 and my friends don't hang out there. (But if you are heading that way, call me and Let's go to the mall, Today...")

Also, I got a new watch and I am in love with it. Thank you Accessory Dash!

Embrace the laziness before the school storm.
Joyfully full of it,


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  1. I am so glad that the Ellis gene of enjoying summer and all it's laziness did not skip this generation. After all, you did it and turned out wonderfully! Love my grandbabies and all of their being a kid tendencies!