Saturday, December 4, 2010

Patience is a virtue...a.k.a. excuses!

Anyone that knows me very well (or knows me at all) should be completely aware that my patience ran out in the late 90's. It seems that my patience "fruit" is rotted, but I pray a lot for a new "crop"'s why I'm telling you this....

Our internet connection at the house is weak and I haven't really tried to figure out how to improve it (remember the patience thing). It takes a while to upload photos and I just haven't wanted to put forth that much effort...that and it really annoys my brother when I don't blog (love you Corey).

...and now - Blogging.....

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I took the week off and spent it with family. On Monday, Michael and I had a special day (of grocery shopping and lunch). On Tuesday, Katelynn and I had a special day with my mom shopping for Mike's Christmas party and getting all the goodies for the week. Wednesday I went out early to help mom clean and finish up the preparations. Mike and the kids got there after lunch, my sister and her family got there late that night....and we spent the rest of the week at mom and dad's. Dad was good. He slept a lot but we still got some good visit time in. The kids even had fun playing with toot-toot. We were very thankful that God let us have him for another week full of memories.

Of course I didn't take the camera and didn't get any pictures. I said I would blog, not upload photos. The good news is that Amber and Mom had a friend from Ennis come out and take family photos. She took a lot of the everyone and each family and the kids and it was great. I will post some of them as soon as I get them.

We are thankful that we had another Thanksgiving with dad and granddad. In August, we weren't sure that either of them would still be with us and we were VERY thankful God is waiting to take them home (and allowing us to be just a little bit selfish). I think they are both ready to go to heaven....just exhausted from all of it. We know where they are going and know they will be whole. It is wonderful to have such a peace about all of it.

If you are reading this blog and don't have this assurance, just let me know. I have a great God and I would love to share my family's peace with you. (It's free....).

We are so thankful and blessed.

Praising Him for who He always is....and always will be.

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  1. Thanking God for His promises and for letting me see them come to be. What a blessing to the Momma to see my child honor our LORD!

    We did have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Isn't GOD good all the time!