Thursday, October 6, 2011

High Pitch Mothering

To quote my beautiful sister...."Blah". That just about sums up the attitude. The Blah of life was overshadowing the beautiful moments I have each and every single day. I am pulling myself out of the Blah. (Laughing with hubby sure does help.) So, in light of my un-blah-tification attempts, I thought I would share a light hearted moment from last night.

Prepared Dinner: Parmesean Shank-N-Bake Chicken, Ziti pasta with tomatoe alfredo sauce (and added velveeta for cheesiness), and Parmesean cheese bread slices.

Michael: Mom, I don't like the chicken.

(Note: He has commented several times in the last few months regarding my culinary adventures and has not been a big supporter of my gallant efforts.)

Me: (high pitch) Michael, do you realize that EVERY NIGHT when I put dinner on your plate, you tell me there is something you don't like on the plate. (frequency increase and speed acceleration)....Just East What I Give You.

Michael: (dejected from the not-so-loving tone from his monster mother as he walks back to the table to eat the yuck he had been served): When is dad going to start cooking again?

Sister: (from the table where she has been so quietly sitting) Mommy, I didn't want to upset you so that's why I am eating it.

Please note: She had NOT eaten the pasta. I'm sure if you asked, she would have claimed something about it being "rude".

Michael finished his dinner of HOT DOGS and CHIPS.

And it really wasn't very good. I'm learning very slowly. (*Like at a snail's pace...but I am learning).

Sigh. Trying again tonight.
I'm praising Him still...just wish life was a little easier sometimes...


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  1. are you sure you weren't eating at my table? that sounds JUST LIKE OUR HOUSE! p won't eat chicken. it frustrates the FIRE out of me! sounds like you cooked a gourmet meal to me. maybe next time you should cook for me and we'll serve all our little ingrates sonic. :) love you!