Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Slump

There are only something like 5 weeks left. Not enough time for things like this....
 Or this.....
 Or this....(no matching during the school's not possible to coordinate something like that when we are rushing to school in the morning.)
 But summer is good for SLOWING down! I think I forgot that that's my favorite part about summer. The Glorious "Summer Bubble". I've not been able to enjoy my summer bubble which means that I haven't been able to enjoy my family as much as I would like. This statement by no means eludes to any kind of SEPARATION from my beautiful no no...we are always together....

I actually stopped this morning. And paused. Not long enough to rest my soul...but long enough to notice this.
 Do you see that little smudgy hand print on my windshield? (I was stopped at a stop sign.)

Those fingerprints are of my first born. My sweet little man that is just not so little anymore. He was saving me from an ant. He stepped up and attacked it for me so I could get out of my car. ;)

 My sweet growing man. (Stopped in the driveway for this pic). I had a rough Monday and cried like a big dummy and he held my hand. And patted my back. And told me it was going to be okay.

And he likes to sit on the "hump" when sister isn't in the car. 

On a different note:
Below is Sister's office this summer. Please note her office ours are "10:00 am Ends at E:00 pm". I'm a slave driver. 
I hope you are taking in every bit of summer happiness (and vitamin D).



  1. Sweet post. love the handprint.

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Read more at the following link: