Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fred-tober Fest

It only comes around once a year. (Well "tober fest" comes around only once a year but technically the race is twice a year). Moving on...

We had a great time this past weekend at the race. The guys got 3rd place (see trophy below). Some dear friends and family were able to make it for the first time. Our friends who just relocated from California had an official East Texas initiation.... It was great. Instead of typing all that I want to say...and haven't said over the last couple of months (I went Rogue.....) I am just going to upload pictures for you.

 The team. We had some new drivers this time. The truck did pretty good. Daddy didn't flip! Whew!
 The boys really enjoyed watching the race. This is Michael's 2nd cousin and the first time we met.
 The winners! Don't you like how Katelynn has #1 and daddy has #3.

 The boys: Cross, Michael, Aidan, Bryce, and Cooper.
 The most beautiful sister-girl at the race. She had a wonderful time playing with Anna and Madelyn. The girls were outnumbered, but still had a great time. Thank you to Michelle for EVERYTHING!
Yep, that's Wesley...married Wesley! It was fun to see him again. I hope we see him and Julie more!
(He sure likes to pick on sister!)

 I love my family. I love my friends. We are very blessed.
Praise God for who He always is.

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  1. Fredtober Fest looks like so much fun!! Congrats to your guys on coming in 3rd! :)