Monday, November 1, 2010

August Vacation 2010

Just pretend that this isn't 3 months later....
 We had the opportunity to go to Galveston the week before school started for beach time and a relaxing week with friends and family. During the trip our camera was stolen, so these pictures are courtesy of our dear friend Michelle. This is Katelynn and Anna playing dress up. (Michael was dressed as Snow White, but would NOT let Michelle take a picture.)
 No, he wasn't throwing it at Anna, but it sure does look like.
 Beach Babe!
 I promise we feed him!
 From Left: Roy, Michael, Katelynn, Mike, Anna, Tiffany.

We went back to Houston and spent the rest of the week at the Roycroft's house. It was such a wonderful visit. The kids played well. We didn't get on their nerves (at least I don't think so....) and laughed.

We took all the kids to the Houston Children's Museum. It was AWESOME! I highly recommend visiting (and taking you own lunch in).

 This was a puzzle that was on a timer. If you didn't finish before the time ran out, it would spin the puzzle into pieces again. So Michael and I worked on the puzzle without the time....we got brave when dad joined in and were able to finish it.
 The museum was very interactive.
 There was a whole table of different puzzles. Roy was a show off and figured out all of them. We spent the most time in the this area with the dads working out the puzzles.
 There was a little kids areas, so we took baby Anna in. In this picture, I am the mom with my 3 kids. We had an odd family unit and stuck to the facade to let the kids play in doors.
 Robert and the girls building.

Thank you to Michelle for taking so many pictures of the kids and sharing them with me. She was the Michelle that helped so much at the race.....I think she must really like that we can entertain Anna....

I love my family. I love my friends. We are very blessed.
Praise God for who He always is.


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Your kids are way toooo cute!

    How sad about your camera. :(

  2. Oh you know we love you guys!