Wednesday, June 15, 2011

18 Days and Counting

God comes through exactly when you don't expect it! When I finally stopped trying to figure out my future, He did it for me. It's crazy...

My Thursday afternoon post was: Just about the time you are ready to jump out the window, God opens a door. It is true and amazing.

So I turned in my notice at work on Friday....30 day notice, which means my last day will be July 8. I'll post more about that at another time, but I wanted to share something one of my contacts sent me today.

I was sending out new contact for one of my vendors today. She replied with this....

"Take care, enjoy and love on your kids every chance you get because what you
do for and to them is what they will grow up and do. Association brings
about assimilation."

So that's all I want to post today!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Yay, girl!!! I am so happy for you and your babies!!!

  2. My heart is so full of joy everytime I think about how Great GOD is and how wonderfully HE answered your/my hearts cry!
    Your "babies" and home will reap benefits "beyond anything we could ever ask or think" Eph 3:20