Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning, I realize that it has been more than 18 days and both of my blog followers are wondering what has happened to me. Well, on July 9th I changed occupations from office drone to fun mom. I had the opportunity to go back to work with my brother, sister, and mom...and I jumped on the opportunity.

So for the last two months (almost), I have spent a week in Galveston, a week in California, a week in San Antonio and weeks in between playing with the kiddos at my mom's house. It's pretty sweet!

Going from full time employee and mom to full time mom and wife is quite an adjustment. This is what I have learned being full-time family....

I'm not such a terrible cook. (I appreciate the collective gasp) No, seriously. I have just about figured it out. Of course I am not near as talented as my beautiful husband, but it is definately edible!! I've been able to make dinner as I go.

I haven't burned or cut myself....yet. Who am I kidding? This is a total fluke...I'm sure it's coming!

My children are picky eaters. And that is going to change. (More on that later)

Katelynn (a.k.a. Sister-girl) talks a LOT....all the time....from Dawn to dusk....I am not kidding...all the time. (And I really like hearing what she has to tell me.) Our current word we overuse and use incorrectly is RUDE. As in, Mom, these shoes make me look rude. I want to tell her that it is her poor attitude that makes her look rude, but I am saving that argument for her Tweens....

And Sister-Girl is funny. Really funny. She has this running commentary in her mind and every once in a while she will let some of it slip out. My favorite so far is her observation of Mike's size. According to Katelynn, he has HUGE knees.

She is beginning to realize and notice the world around her. And although she has assumes life revolves around her (you can't convince her otherwise...thank you grana, aunts, uncles, and daddy) she has a beautiful delicate heart *hidden* behind that "rude" attitude.

Michael is sensitive. And loving. I have very much enjoyed special time with him. He gets his feelings hurt when others (sister) are mean to him or don't reciprocate his kindness. He has figured out that giving in to Katelynn helps the overall peace in our world.

He can spend hours playing with legos (or watching TV...that's an Ellis trait). And he is too stinking smart. He doesn't forget ANYTHING. And his imagination is funny. He likes to dress as a superhero and surprise us. (The last outfit was a mix of Iron Man, Spider man, Nerf gun, non-matching gloves, and black sparkle rain boots.)

My beautiful son accepted Jesus as his savior this summer and I am very proud of him. He is thoughtful of heaven and kindness and others. I am so thankful for my wonderful opportunity to watch him grow.

That just about catches you up. I'll get pictures posted soon.

Joyfully Praising Him!

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  1. Joy! That's all I can say except Thank You Jesus for your amazing love!