Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Memories and memory making

(you may find it interesting to note that mid-post sister marched off and i found myself in a different "place" than when the post post started)

Some days are lazy and wonderful. And full of sister giggles.

We are spending the afternoon in the art trailer again. My second favorite place. It's a glamorous place for making messes and memories. Don't worry...I'm still not ready to say anything sad. Atleast not this post.

We use the plethora of pens and papers I have collected over the years. Seriously...years! I have crayons from high school! (smelly ones like scratch and sniff). This picture doesn't even begin to show you our art madness, but it shoes our art joy!

One of the boxes I have to use is a collection of cards and letters and pictures I have received over the years. Most are from my college years.

It's fun to read the old letters and let my kids make "beautiful" things from beautiful people in my life. Memories even from childhood...

Yes mom, they still smell like strawberries. And caused a huge fight this evening. (so much for art joy).

I find it amazing that something that started so fun can turn so ugly so quickly. My children are growing and learning and trying to figure out who they are going to be in this world. This includes pushing limits and mom's buttons.

It amazes me the number of times I say "no" in a two hour period before dad gets home. An it's during this time that I feel the most inadequate and frustrated.

And then the frustration passes and we find Joy again.

Joy and laughter have been very important to me these last 27 days. And God has been faithful all 27 days.

Dearest Savior,
If I keep praying for patience, do I get credit when I forget to practice it with these beautiful, challenging children you have blessed me with? Thank you for being so faithful to me an my family. Thank you for blessing us with amazing friends that care for our hearts. May we turn to you for refuge during the storms of life and find joy in the midst of the storm. Thank you for a daddy that taught us the importance of laughter and a good joke!

Forever praising Him (even if there are a few challenging tears...you know the salty substance that even we tuff-ies find on our face sometimes)!


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