Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homework stinks!!

This is how the hour and a half after school played out at the Lewis home today.

Sit in the car line for 25 minutes. (I don't actually mind this part because I have started a bible study podcast that I listen to during my drive to and from mom's each day.)

Get the kids in the car.

1st fight before seatbelts are on! (on who is getting in first)

2nd fight before we are out of the parking lot! ("no we are not going to Chuck-e-cheese tonight")

On to the Gresham Barn Sale because I don't think things through sometimes. (but got a few more Christmas presents. Yay!)

On the 17th NO, I think he finally realized I mean't no. Bought them a cookie...which Michael broke and switched as I was paying...back in the barn to pay for the cookie we walked out with. Please note: the "no" was not in reference to a cookie.

Home again. Home again. Ding-a-ding ding!

3rd fight before we got out of the car in the driveway (see fight 2).

4th fight because I left the scissors on the counter and Michael screamed at Katelynn for not putting them up where they belong and being responsible...huh...moving on. Don't dwell. ( I'm responsible for other things. Like homework) (see below) (insert sarcasm font)

5th fight (a repeat of fights 2 and 3). "No we are not going chuck-e-cheese. I don't care if your friends are going to be waiting for you AND if you ask again we will NEVER go back to chuck-e-cheese!"

On to homework. Ugh! I hate homework! We should get to play after school!!

Here is a list of words Katelynn refuses to learn because they are "too hawd and bowing and I hate sentences!"




These words are just too dang hard. She wants me to te her the answer and gets mad when I don't give in. (this is a genetic problem much like the ghetto booty she inherited from me. Poor kid. )

Nevermind that this is the 3rd day we have done them and she has done fine the other two days.

Nevermind that she JUST pronounced "by" but it's too "hawd" to remember.

Nevermind that there are 12 words and we can't get through the first 3.

So I made her go to her room because she was losing it. Good parenting 101: Give up when frustrated instead of patiently teaching your children. (I think that's the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman....sarcasm font here).

I am so glad I am not a teacher.

But our HOUR ends well... Katelynn came back out of her room and we made it through the words more successfully than yesterday. And now they are in their happy place.

In front of the tv. Good parenting 102!

May your days of trials and battles feel victorious by the end and provide a joy for the responsibilities we have been given.

Blessing and joy to you today...going to break up fight #6!


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