Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day Blues

I like summer. I like the sunshine and a nice tan! I like having freedom to do nothing. Or something. And I really enjoy my summer bubble. We are only exposed to people, places, and things we chose. Our family is together (A LOT) and we can sleep in to 7.

Yep, summer is nice. Of course I couldn't appreciate it's true beauty until this week. The first week of school. Summer is over, dead, finished. And we don't have free some to do whatever, whenever, however. Strangers are dictating our days and minutes. They decide when we have to be somewhere, how we will be dressed when we get there, who we will be exposed to (many outside of our summer bubble) and how long this exposure will last.

First Day of School. It made it here when I was ready for it. 3rd and 1st. We are getting bigger. I wasn't stressed about school or teachers or friends. I know God is in control and totally has my kids covered.

But at 2:15am first day of school when my unclaimed anxiety took hold, I still didn't worry. I quoted the words I know and claimed peace for my children.

And God gave us a great first day. I'm so thankful. It's so nice to pick up smiling children.

Dear God, Thank you for my beautiful children. Guide us through this year. Lead me to be the mother they need to become who you plan for them to be. Help me be protective but full of grace, patient and mercy. Thank you for our teachers and school and for new people we will meet this year. Please allow us to be used for your purpose this year and to show your love daily. Amen.

Praising Him for who He is!!

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