Monday, March 31, 2014

My Star

Tomorrow is that dreaded day. It's time for the stupid STAAR test. And little man has test anxiety that flares up like a hemmoroid. I knew it was coming. We don't talk about and our avoidance does nothing to postpone the stupid test. 

You may gather from my post so far that I think the STAAR test is stupid. Little Man is an excellent student. He even brings home 100s on his report card (looks from me, brains from Handsome). But this day will leave him almost in the fetal position. He will question his knowledge, skills, and worth by the numbers we will be eagerly awaiting in a few months. 

Stupid test. 

So, I want to show you my STAR before he is beat down my the (stupid) staar.

This boy is a rock star. No matter the outcome of a test. 

I just needed to make sure you knew it too. 


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