Saturday, April 18, 2015

Children Letters-April and Handsome Daddy

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 Beautiful children of mine,

We are so close to our relocation that things at (old) home are ending and kinda sucking and things at (new) home have not started and kinda nothing. It is a crazy long drawn-out transition that makes some things easier and some things so much harder. 

But through to all, your handsome daddy has been such a rock for our family. He has stepped in and been the "nester" for the new house. He has been the voice of reason and thoughtfulness. He has taken care of two homes for 4 months. And he has not complained about the tremendous pressure and work stress he is experiencing. 

I am so thankful for your beautiful daddy. I am overwhelmed so often with his tremendous love for us. I am so unworthy of him. 

I infrequently pray for your future spouses. I get very caught up in parenting through our daily trials and feel like I "win" if we actually survive the day. But sometimes I am all caught up, and these future people come to mind. And I hope it is a long way off and that your rock star dad gives you so much to look forward to and strive for. 

So, here is what I want you to know. I love your father deeply. Deeper every day. I only pray that you will so be in love with the hot spouse God gives you. When God gives you the person you are to marry, measure up to dad. Setting your standard so high will only bring overwhelming joy for your life. 

He loved me more than I could even understand way before I thought he would and when I was sure there was no way he should. He got "it" way before I did. He is the most unselfish hardworking person you will ever come in contact with. He is the most dedicated and trustworthy person we will ever know. He is the perfect man for me. 

I feel like it's important for you to know more about him this month. He has been traveling and has been away from us for days during the week. He hates this time away. He feels each minute he isn't with us and is jealous of our minutes and stories (and annoyances) he misses while gone. 

Take it easy on dad. This man would lay down his life for you and one day you appreciate how amazing he is. 

I love you guys. Thanks for rocking this month. 

Beat the crap out of the Staar test this week. You are my superheroes!

Joyfully loved,

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