Friday, September 18, 2015

Letters to my children: We are Here.

Dearest Michael and Katelynn, 

School is in full swing.
We have found our rhythm and it is so good. 
We know when to wake, when to eat, when to hurry it up, and when to be in the car.
We know when the train goes through town and stops traffic for a few minutes and when to leave for school so we don't get stuck in the line.
We know what to expect each day, who our teachers are, who the talkers are and how we are going to be picked up at the end of the day.

STRUCTURE feels so good. 

We are adjusting to wearing uniforms and getting over the loss of our "fashion freedom".
We have a lot of orange and wear it with Pride.
 We have our homework routine down. 
We know when we have to work and when we can wait until tomorrow.

We have been to a football game and have figured out what it means to be a part of a small town that gets excited when Friday night rolls around. 
We also figured out that the concession stand has blizzards and chic-fil-a so it's the coolest concession stand we have ever visited.
We are BEARS!

We have found some people. 
We have found places and spaces in this community that are beginning to feel comfortable.
We are building our tribe and figuring out how that works in the new setting.
We have found a dance studio, a baseball team, and a church. 

We have been hunting in the back yard. 
We have been shooting at sticks and cans and birds.
We have all the camo and can sit in the field for hours.

We are settling into the house. 
It's all unpacked except for the VHS tapes...because, why do we have a box of VHS tapes? And what about the box of CD cases....Why do we have a box of CD cases and where are the CDs?
We (I) may have a problem with the above mentioned boxes.

We are working hard.
We are remembering to feed the animals and are preparing for chickens. (What??)
We check the cows everyday and run at them with flapping arms when they are in the yard.

We are finding free time. 
(We are obviously having some unsupervised free time.)
We are taking "prison showers" in the yard because we are enjoying the outside.
We are learning about the property and the river and the cave and all the cool forest stuff there is to do when you live in the country.

We have had a lot of family time. 
We are settling in. 
We are figuring out the place the God has prepared for us. 

We just might make make it in our new place.

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