Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's all about Stage Presence

My children are a mess. Both of them. Equally. And the same and at different times. I'm proud of every new step we are taking together in life. And sometimes their excellence outshines all others excel-ers you may know. Sometimes, we just stand or lay on the stage... still, we SHINE!

Yesterday the kids had their first forum for the year. Its purpose is to show the parents what they are working on in class... It's a big deal to my kids. Michael even called me from his class to make sure I remembered (from when he told me 30 minutes earlier) that I needed to be at the school at 12:50 and sitting in the front row.

Since I have the best bosses and co-workers in the whole world, I was able to finish my work early and make it to the front row at 12:51.

Sister was first.

 That's her in the middle. Pink shirt, white sleeves. 
 At one point she did actually hold up the bubble-lettered Algebra paper. I don't know how I missed the climax of her performance....
 And obviously, we don't even need practice... Just waiting for Hollywood to call. 

Then it was Little Man's turn. 
 That's him in the middle....standing behind the his "fur" hat because he is obviously Davy Crockett. DUH.
 Picture just before the war!
 That's the top of the "fur" hat. He was the first one to die in the battle... I'm not sure on the historical accuracy of his performance. We may have enjoyed a little artistic interpretation. He perfected death on the stage for the majority of the class performance. Excellence!

And I am just tickled pink and proud. My two little introverts made it to the stage...up there in the lights and all their glory.

After each "performance", they came to the first row and sat by me/on me. 

And that's why I will be at every practice and performance..because in the end, don't we all just want to sit down by our momma?

Joyfully full today!


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  1. I am so sad that I missed this fabulous example of my grandbabies acting ability! Perhaps they will re-inact it for me this weekend! For real, I am so very proud of them no matter if they are just being!!!! Proud of my daughter who is a great MOM too!!