Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Notes

In an effort to solve our family problems.........

Nope, that's not right. In my attempt to help my sweet children as the painfully grow into little people, I've started journaling with them. They each have a spiral notebook we are using to write notes back and forth to each other.

You write your love note and leave it on the (unmade) bed.

This is Michael's. I've written that I love him and he is a prince. He wrote back to stop writing in cursive. (Very deep stuff going on here)

But I have noticed a small improvement in his behavior. Small, teeny, tiny improvements.

I also have a journal with Katelynn. I'm an equal opportunity parent..super fair and balanced. (You can take a break from the post to laugh, it's okay.)

Sister and I write nice things. Like how lovely you looked today or acted today. (Not today....no loveliness happening today... She just threw something out her bedroom door...maybe it's my "love" note for today.)

She expresses her desire for me to practice silence and give her money. (Thoughts to cherish)

She also draws cute little pictures of a little backside and a hand spanking it. (Her work will be hanging in galleries soon! )

This also gives them the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with my mothering... In case the outward expression of the disapproval is not enough, sister left me a note regarding her desire to not attend bible study...

"I have to go to stuped bible sudy"

One day I'll write a book so that you can parent with excellence with me.

Joyfully full of so much more than I deserve...even on the hard days!

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  1. JOY!!!!!!! I am such a proud grana/momma!