Monday, February 11, 2013

Lint vs Lent

To be completely honest (and what else would you expect from me), I'm unsure about the spelling of the season we are about to enter. I think I'm right and if so, it makes my title more appropriate ... let's move on!

A beautiful friend of mine (in real life and on Facebook) eloquently posted about her upcoming Facebook fast and the reason behind this decision. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to cut and paste her words into the post so I took a picture of it. And here it is. I hope you can read it...

Now, it's no secret that I have some major issues. One of them being Facebook. I was "tough" earlier this year and deleted the app from my phone. Only to find out that you can access the most recent posts by going through the Internet to Facebook and its much better than the app because FB should not make the decision of what a "top story" would be to me. I want to see it ALL!! (And together let's all say it....FAIL!)

I didn't understand Lent. (Don't judge me, my catholic beauties, I'm trying). I am embracing what I do understand about it and making this season about something more than FB peeps and new clothes. This probably stems from the book I'm reading - "7" by Jen Hatmaker. (Read it and be overwhelmed with a good way)

You've waited long enough. Here it is.... I'm giving up Facebook for lent. I could have probably done it for a New Year's resolution but that sounds too permanent (and let's be honest, I'll be back) and I thought I would stick to it if I tied the idea to Jesus. Jesus will help me give up Facebook. I'm going to feel super lonely without my "friends" "liking" my wittiness all day. (Note: I will still have my phone for calling or texting and email).

I'm gonna try some other things. And since this is probably the most inappropriate placement (right after Jesus), I'm going to steer clear of wine and beer and buttery nipple shots. It seems to me as I'm avoiding Facebook, I should turn to reflect on Him and why I'm avoiding my FB peeps that I shouldn't have a beer in my hand. Maybe?

I will be ADDING some of the following:

And this...

And this...she's not on Facebook-I swear. ;)

(Here's my "lint" reference) I think I may have some time to get to the dust bunnies in the corners, under the chairs, behind the dresser and all the other out of sight places

For Lent, I'll be actively battling my lint. the lint that has gathered in the corners of my house and my head. Maybe without Facebook distractions, we can do some more painting and playing too. It's worth a try. Time to focus on myself and my family instead of everyone else's.

(I just might be on a Facebook binge tomorrow soaking all of the nothingness in one last time....then I'm gone. Kinda.) will you be joining me? Let me know!!

Joyfully full of it....and trying to FILL up with glorious things!

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