Monday, February 25, 2013


Have you practiced alone time this week? 10-15 minutes a day. Even 5 minutes of just you time? I'm beginning to see how very important this is for me now that I have slowed down life a little.

It helps that I don't have Facebook around and I can't stalk other's achievements. I'm stuck with my own world. We have been busy at my house. Spring is my most inspired time of year. My intentions when the sun starts to shine is that I will be organic and fruitful. Ha ha. I'm done by May. BUT we do get started with plants and flowers to celebrate the lovely weather.

Yep, peppers, carrots, lettuce, peas, radishes, and basil. Started from seeds. Yesterday there were a few that started to sprout. We have a little nit of green showing up. We have had a garden for 12 years. An unsuccessful garden for 11 of them. I keep spending money and trying but since we just talked about having a healthier relationship with money, I thought I would try to have a garden this year without spending money. Two weeks into it and I've only spent about 10 on some soil. (We'll keep our fingers crossed for goal is to be able to walk around my heard and eat! Come on, you had to know that I'd tie this to food some how!!!)

I like to be outside. And I'm beginning to enjoy the outside with my peeps as well.

Just when you thought the Lewis' couldn't get any cooler.... We whip out our hats and sunglasses.

I want to encourage (and repeat that) you need YOU time and I want you to take a little of it soon. A special place to sit back and stop your mind and enjoy the awesomeness of you!

You are fantastic and give me such joy.


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